SmartLINQ Maximizes Uptime

Peterbilt’s SmartLINQ connected truck technology helps provide maximum uptime, keep deliveries on time, streamline service management and ensure trucks are running at peak performance. The SmartLINQ remote diagnostics system is factory installed and standard on all Peterbilt models equipped with a PACCAR MX-13 or MX-11 engine. SmartLINQ features:

Instant, at-a-glance fleet health with detailed diagnostics and recommended actionsConvenient SmartLINQ app for both Android and iOS platformsEasy-to-use, web-based portal through PACCAR SolutionsCustomizable, 24/7 notifications to make quick, informed service decisionsMonitors more than 750 engine and aftertreatment diagnostic codesComplimentary two-year subscription (longer with applicable extended warranties)Track trucks throughout North America, with units color-coded to indicate health
- Green: truck is healthy, no active diagnostic codes
- Yellow: truck needs service soon
- Orange: truck needs service now
- Red: immediate action required
- Grey: informational, no action required

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